About Joshua Koh

      Hi, my name is Joshua, a Malaysia-based wedding, pre-wedding & family photographer. I photograph simple, genuine moments that tell the story of you, just as you are. I strive to capture heartfelt photographs that are emotionally honest, that you will look back fondly for years to come. Because I believe meaningful is beautiful.


      “We photograph life stories; in the hope to inspire people to cherish the past, present and the better future.”

      They say how we spend our days is how we spend our lives …

      We celebrate upon reaching many of life’s milestones, yet in between them — when one momentous occasion is over and the next one is yet to come — is where lives are lived. We all want a life filled with dazzling moments, but perhaps how we really spend our days, in what feels like mundane and ordinary, is really the best moments of our lives. Perhaps the most beautiful moments are the ones happening right now, in the “in-betweens” of life.

      Through the years, We have had the honor to document many of life’s memorable moments. Our work is rooted in a belief that a photograph is more than just what you see, but how you feel having seen it. A good photograph touches the heart and leaves you a changed person.

      It has been a meaningful journey of growth, but what drove us from the very beginning still remains true today — a passion to tell your story through the simple beauty of everyday life. It is in these honest, truthful moments that your life is made out of, and it is these memories that will resonate through the rest of your life and the lives of those that come after you.

      Because the little things in life are really the big things.

      Kind Words

      Our Pre-wedding photo-shoot was absolutely wonderful. I loved the slideshow. The song choice was great. The testimony to his work would be when friends asked me who took our pre-wedding photo-shoot.

      We spend 3 days and 2 nights with Joshua in Bali. He was great to work with… funny, creative, and gave ‘demos’ and instructions as to how to pose, etc. It is important for a photographer to be able to do that as we were kinda awkward. It is also important for a photographer to be able to create an atmosphere that will enable us to relax and be at ease and he did just that. His sessions were full of fun and laughter. He gets super-excited when a shot turns out great and his enthusiasm was contagious. We appreciated the fact that he spends 1/2 day extra for our pre-wedding photoshoot at the Majestic Hotel, KL. We also know that lots of time and effort have been put into arranging and editing our pictures.

      Joshua is a talented photographer… He is also a super nice, hard-working, and humble person and because he did such a great job with our pre-wedding photoshoot in Nov 2013, we have booked him again for our Maternity Photo-shoot!

      Michael & Ann Jee


      We love Joshua's photography style as he brings a more journalistic, story-telling quality to the photos. Emphasis is on the people and their interactions. His pictures have this natural lightness to it, both in its expressions and its lighting.  In fact, I have been a long time fan of his work and knowing that he will do amazing with the pictures.

      In our wedding, our faith was very essential, and we were very glad to see moments in the church ceremony captured in a way that showed our faith and marriage in a meaningful way. 

      We are very delighted with the final product, and it seems like everyone we spoke to approved of the wedding pictures. There is a heartwarming picture of both our grandmothers sitting and chatting together, which ended up being one of my favorites. 5 out of 5.  

      Thank you, Joshua and Shanice, for your hard work and we appreciate all the effort and thought that went into the final product. 

      Leland & Juliana


      We loved Joshua's style of photography which focuses more on the personal interactions and real emotions of the couples he captured, we could tell from the photos that Joshua was able to capture that special candid moment as compared to just taking a standard photograph of a couple with a beautiful background. 

      It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience! Joshua and Angie are both really professional and easy to work with. Joshua is a very amiable man who takes photographs with enthusiasm! As we were both inexperienced in posing for photos, we were initially worried that we might look unnatural in the photos. Thankfully, Joshua was very friendly, and he guided us throughout the photoshoot and also made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Furthermore, he put the utmost effort to do test shots to ensure that the photos looked good before proceeding. You could tell from the photos that he managed to capture very natural and true emotions, which truly sets his photos apart from the other photographers!
      Overall, we gained not only beautiful photos but also wonderful memories of that day as well as new-found friends! Thank you so much, Joshua! Definitely looking forward to meeting you again!

      Neng Wei & Mendy


      I have been following Joshua's work for several years and I always admire Joshua’s work and enjoy viewing the pictures. I like Joshua’s photography style, the pictures seem to tell a story! Joshua is a passionate person and has an artistic background, these are truly add-on values for us!!

      We enjoyed during our family photo session very much. It was so relaxing and fun, no pressure of posing, just being ourselves all the time. My elder son Jose misses Joshua afterward.

      Big LIKE for Joshua’s work. My memories are documented down as the way I like, lifestyle, warm and natural! I treasure every picture and I am impressed with the composition and creativity.

      Keep it up, Joshua! Proud to be Joshua’s fan!

      Maye, Tee's Family


      Joshua and his team did the photography for one of my friend’s wedding many years ago. During that time we developed a good rapport and since then I have kept him in mind and followed his work. I’ve always liked his style, his philosophy and his enthusiasm for photography, of which I’m happy to say haven’t changed since that first encounter.

      I can’t recommend Joshua enough! Joshua and his team are consummate pros in what they do. From the administerial aspect to communication, through to the wedding day photo sessions, everything was handled with consideration, calm, professionalism. Added to that small touches that made the whole experience fun and personal. Their experience in their craft shown in everything they do.

      Bryan & Satsuki
      Perth, Australia

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