When I was a little boy, I didn’t have a proper family portrait session with my mom & dad; we only had some random photos taken together, so imagine how precious these random photos are to me. Photographs are just like a time machine, it brings us back in time. Through these photos, I can remember that beautiful day with my beloved mom at a park and my first Christmas party with my dad. Starring back at them now, I can still feel the emotions and the connections with them, although they have both passed on since and are now in a happier place with our Creator.

      I have always felt very grateful as a Malaysian lifestyle family photographer who has the opportunity to capture the photographs of many families. I have photographed the joy from moms-to-be to families who have just welcomed a new tiny member. And I have experienced, witnessed and photographed different kids growing up over the years. These are the priceless moments that we are unable to relive, but when we capture them in stills, our memories of them will last forever! Which explains why I love photographing family portraits – they become more and more meaningful as the years pass us by. This has got to be one of the most fascinating job ever that I am blessed to have.

      – Joshua

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