Throughout these years, I have been photographing many lifestyle personal portraits of people from various backgrounds. Along the way, came a Malaysian politician, then business owners, artists, public figures, fashion influencers and entrepreneurs. It has been such a blessing to work as a Malaysia portrait photographer as I get inspired by these individuals and am amazed at how they have influenced and transformed the nation, society and even a person’s life. In fact, it was not an easy journey; it’s tough, uncertain and uncomfortable to pursue their dreams. They have been constantly and diligently taking massive actions to fulfil the blueprint that was placed in their hearts.

      Indeed, they are very much like each and every one of us; they confront what we are confronting, they struggle mentally, physically and sometimes financially, but they are willing to change their mindset, they never stop learning new skill and tool sets to overcome these setbacks and obstacles in their paths. These people have common traits like courage, perseverance, self-control, gratitude, integrity, energy, optimism, passion. and they focus on crystal clear goals. They also have a helpful heart to serve the people and most importantly, they love what they do! They are not arrogant but are as humble as an apprentice as these are qualities to become a great leader!

      Photographing these people have absolutely changed my perspective about my life. Who in your life has impacted, inspired and encouraged you?

      Joshua, Malaysia lifestyle commercial portrait photographer


      Yeo Bee Yin

      Former Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, Malaysia

      Malaysia Influencer & Public Figure Photographer


      Karthik Siva

      World Renowned Strategist, Advisor to Governments, Nation Branding Expert, Chairman of Global Brand Advisory, Founder of Global Brand Forum

      Malaysia Commercial Portrait Photographer


      Chris & Sujian

      Business Owners of  Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

      Malaysia Cafe Photographer


      Cass Loh

      Designer & Artist


      O Bag Malaysia

      Board of Directors

      Malaysia Lifestyle Portrait Photographer


      Kylee Lee



      Joescher Chee

      Founder & CEO of Global Strategy Advisory & Co-Founded of Strategy Masterclass for CEOs & Entrepreneurs, Author of John 10:10 Life Wheel


      Canvin Wong



      Jerome Thia

      Entrepreneur & Strategy Consultant of Global Strategy Advisory

      Malaysia Lifestyle Commercial Photographer


      Chin Kong Yee

      Malaysian Artist

      Malaysian Artist Portrait Chin Kong Yee


      Cliff Leong

      Co-founder & Director of The Alphabet Press

      Malaysian Entrepreneur Lifestyle Portraits


      Jenny Sun

      Australian Photographer & Founder of Two Threaded Poppies

      Malaysia Fashion Blogger Photographer